How to Flash your Lumia 920–English

Ok, a lot of people from the US and some other countrys looking after this Tutorial, so i translate this little piece in english. SORRY for my bad English – its not my native Language 🙂

1. Before you flash, load your Smartphone-Battery! And read BEFORE you click the Buttons. Be Patience. Dont Panic – like Douglas Adams says…

2. Download the Nokia Care Software from this Website. Use the newest Version! (my Version Number was 5.0.2012.45.4.5)

3. Install Nokia Care Center (no Rebooting required).

4. Start the Software, double click on  “Product Support Tool”, Don’t connect your Phone to your PC!

5. Click in the new Window (the Product Suport Tool for Store) on “File” on the left upper side

6. THen select “Open Product”. Now it comes a new, little Window. In this you have to select your Nokia Phone. Type “RM-820” for the AT&T ROM-Versions or “RM-821” for all other Carrier or unbranded Versions for Lumia 920. You can also select the correct ROM by browsing trought this list (have fun with this – its huge). After Selecting the Lumia-Model click OK!

7. Now navigate your Mouse to “Programming”, (its on the left side at the bottom), then select “Recovery”. Click…

8. Now there is an Window with three Input-Fields (dont know the right description in english, sorry ^-^). And a Button “Find Online”. Click on this – and it will show up a new window with a long list of Firmware-Versions.

Dont worry! For the german ROM, for example, you have to copy (or write) the following code in the field “Code”:

Code: 059Q9L7
the Variant Name is RM821_CV_DE_VAR241810_black

You see on the “black”-Description, that every color Version of the Lumia 920 has an OWN ROM! So be patient, looking around, try to figure out the syntax (_DE_ in the Filename means Deutschland (Germany), so UK means Great Britain and so on.)

Select your ROM – dont click any other ROM just for fun! Then select Download.

9. Now the Care Suite is ready to download the selected Firmware. ON the bottom right click on “Start” – Now the Download from over 1 GB begins … this will be your new Firmware.

10. After the Download is finished, a new Window will pop out. There will be shown an explanation, what to do now… and NOW you have to connect the Lumia 920 with the PC. (The last Chance to abort the Flashing! Just for the Records.)

11. I need two trys for this, so dont give up: The Pop-Out Window with “Retry” close – and immediately press the VOLUME DOWN and the POWER Keys at the same time (VOLUME DOWN + POWER).

Hold the Keys till your Smartphone will vibrating. Then (be fast) release the two Keys and press the VOLUME UP Button (fast!) and hold this.

When you made it right, your Nokia Care Software on the PC shows “Rebooting”

If not, no Panic. Try again from the beginning of Step 11.

12. The Care Suite says eventually “Wrong Boot Code” or something like this – depends on if you flash the same (or newer) Firmware from your Carrier or flash an different Carrier or unbranded Firmware. Accept this by clicking and the Phone will be flashed.

Attention: Do this on your own Risk! Dont cry, after it bricks your Phone, fire Rockets on your House or something else!

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32 Gedanken zu „How to Flash your Lumia 920–English

  1. Adrian sagt:

    Very cool. I have a lumia 920 on AT&T . Can I flash it with other version from another country for example …or does it need to be the AT&T firmware ?
    Thank you

  2. aydon sagt:

    NO, you can flash with any other Firmware you want. But be patient – you have to look after the colors, every color has an own Firmware (strange isnt it?)

  3. Lui sagt:

    I have a Lumia 920 first line production loaded with ATT firmware, can I switch it for the global firmware? (From rm820 to rm821).

  4. Is it possible to connect the lumia to a pc and access all the restricted files on the lumia 920 if so how? I would like to get access to files I downloaded within applications

  5. Is it possible to use the RM-820 software on The RM-821 AT&T device???

  6. Keut Haakman sagt:

    looks great, though I can’t try it for now (lacking a Nokia) but if you flash an other ROM will it unlock the phone too? oh, and at point 11 you probably need to change the word Handy to mobile phone of lumia 920 or something.

    • aydon sagt:

      No, a new Firmware ROM will NOT, in any way, unlock your Lumia, sorry.

      And yeah, youre right – Smartphone or Mobile should be better. My bad, thank You for this correction.

  7. Jekbu sagt:

    what are the negative implication of flashing your lumia with the same model (same RM-821) but with different variant. is there a possibility of brick?

  8. aydon sagt:

    Well, the same Firmware Model (RM-821) with an new Variant should (!) not give you problems. But there is a chance that you bricked your phone, when you made a mistake… so please do it slowly and read before you flash!

  9. Danny sagt:

    Thanks, worked like a charm

  10. Edoardo sagt:

    Hi, I have an Italian Lumia 920 branded Wind, but now I’m in United Arab Emirates (here the LTE connection is just working), the problem is that from my menu settings I cannot enable the LTE or 4G. I’ve red that I’ve to flash the firmware. Wich firmware I’ve to download to enable 4G ?
    Thank you

  11. Toni sagt:

    Hi, Mate
    What will happen if I flash phone with firmware of different color. For example black for red phone?

  12. aydon sagt:

    Good question – never tried. So you CAN try it … but on your own risk and dont complain after that, if your phone shows errors or something.

    If you try it, plz leave a reply what happens …

  13. sagt:

    1232.5951.1249.0001 is my software version,its an red AT&T lumia 920 I am unable to find firmware for this please tell me which firmware to select for this one

  14. sagt:

    Will this help me work woth other carrires..?

    • aydon sagt:

      it will not, in any way, unlock your device! you jave to use an unlocked Mobile Phone or ask your carrier to unlock it… NO, this flashing cant do this for you.

  15. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It’s always helpful to read content from other authors and practice a little something from other sites.

  16. Thuong sagt:

    Hey, how can i get rid of my retail mode on my phone?

  17. redrings sagt:

    I have a US Lumia 920 from AT&T. I have unlocked it and am now using it on T-Mobile; however, I can only get Edge. I do not need LTE but would like to get 3G. Will flashing another ROM like this enable that? Thanks!

    • aydon sagt:

      Good question. My Advice: flash an official T-Mobile ROM, that should (!) enable G3. But you will loosing your data on your phone – but i believe you know this 🙂

  18. kaiser2000 sagt:

    Hi there,

    I have a AT&T branded Lumia 920 that works fine here in Ireland but isn’t getting OS updates (I’m guessing because it relies on AT&T to push these out)

    I want to load a global or stock firmware and have used NCS to download it but when I try to push it to the phone it always fails with:

    0xFA001304: Platform ID check fails. Reason(s): The FFU file is not meant for this product. The platform ID of image does not match with platform ID of the device.

    How can I get around this? I’m trying to load 059Q5C6 RM-821 GLOBAL BLACK SWAP – is that the right one?


    • aydon sagt:

      AT & T is RM-820, you try to flash an RM-821 Firmware (thats the Version for all other carriers). Dont know, if your Lumia unlocked for other carriers? But even then i dont know, if you can use a 821 FW so simple on your device, sorry.

  19. Anonymous sagt:

    AYDON- you keep saying that you can’t flash other versions EXCEPT for your own. Well, you’re wrong.

    You CAN flash other versions and it works fine. I, for example flash the generic 920 firmware onto a branded 920, it works fine and DOES unlock it.

    ALSO, the color selection only impacts the default tile color when you first boot after flashing. Nothing else. So you could pick any.

    You wont actually change your product code, but it will just run the generis firmware you choose. Bear in mind that I am staying with rm-821 firmwares only, not going between rm-821 and rm-820

    • aydon sagt:

      Hi there, first thanks for this Info!

      Cant believe, that you unlocked your Lumia only with flashin an free firmware. Do you ever try to use another phone carrier then your original one? Cause its normal, that you can use an „free“ ROM with an locked Lumia – but you cant change your carrier with it, right? If it so, then cool… i read a lot of threads on that doesnt work but nice if it works. Should help a lot of people…

      821 and 820 is possible, i think. But i believe that there is differences between LTE and Stuff, so its not recommended. Maybe someone will try it 🙂

  20. Joshua sagt:

    Hallo Aydon, i have a DE RM-821 Lumia 920 with Vodafone, and want to change to T-Mobile. I want to flash to the latest Telekom firmware! Want to get rid of the Vodafone scheiße! Is it possible?

    Vielen dank!

    • aydon sagt:

      Of course, its possible to flash any other Carrier (or Non-Carrrier) FIrmware you want. BUT! It depends, if you use an locked Lumia or an unlocked Lumia-Smartphone. Have you get your Phone from your carrier with a (in germany) 2-year-contract? Then its normally locked and can only be used with your carrier (and well. normaly i think in an locked Phone your SIM-Card from another carrier like T-Com in an Voodafone Device shouldn’t work, thats the proof its simlocked)

      So thats the only question – its unlocked then you can flash and it will run. But hey: read properly, take your time and dont get nervous and everything is running 🙂

  21. Pip sagt:

    I have a AT&T 920 that I’m trying to flash with a UK firmware. Getting the error:
    „0xFA001304: Platform ID check fails. Reason(s): The FFU file is not meant for this product. The platform ID of image does not match with platform ID of the device.“

    Anyone had a work around for this?

    • Andresilent sagt:

      i also get the same error, but i have a Lumia 820 form At&t and i unlocked it, maybe at&t locked the producto code of the phone to use it only with their own roms?

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